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Shambhala Beach Gym

Shambhala Beach Gym is located just a few steps from Shambhala Bar. It is a new, modern, well designed and well equipped Gym that can accommodate almost any workout requirements. Get your key at Shambhala.

The Cardio and Floor Exercise area face a large full height window front allowing for views into the green while exercising.

The Cardio section includes the following Equipment:

Elliptical Trainers, Stationary Bikes, Power Plate, Tread Mill, Rowing Machine and Kettlebells.

The Weights section is distinctly separate from the cardio section and includes the following Equipment.

Dumb Bell Rack, Weight push benches, Leg Press, Chin Dip Assist, Abductor.

Both the Weights and the Cardio Sections have ample ceiling to floor mirrors.


Both Sections are Airconditioned                               (if the sensor equipped Windows are closed.)


The Energy for the Airconditioning is generated from a state of the art Solar Energy System on the roof of the building so your workout is sure to be carbon neutral.

Memberships and Prices:

Daily Membership:        THB   200 / day / person

Weekly Membership:    THB  1200 / week / person

Monthly Membership:   THB 3800 / month / person

Yearly Membership:       THB18000 / year / person

Refundable Key Deposit THB 500 per Key

Check in at Shambhala Bar

Open Daily:    07h00 - 22h00

Gym Rules & Regulations:

  1. Enter and exit the Gym only through the canal side entrance through the dressing room.
    Put on clean Gym shoes in the dressing room. Do not enter the Gym bare feet or with shoes worn outside or clean such shoes first.

  2. Clean Training Shoes (no flip flops) and adequate training attire, especially a Shirt are compulsory in the Gym.
    No training bare feet or topless.

  3. A towel is compulsory during all training activities.   No Towel, No Training.
    Use the towel where ever possible when sitting, lying or kneeling on machines or benches to cover contact areas.

  4. Clean the machines and equipment after every use.
    Please clean equipment, machines and weights with own towel and/or paper towels and spray provided throughout the Gym.

  5. Please leave the Gym the way that you found it. Put all the weights back in their racks.

  6. No Food, Snacks, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco or Drugs allowed in the Gym. 

  7. Please report maintenance issues, anything not working or not clean or misconduct by others. If you break something please report that too so we can fix it for the next guests.

  8. Weights, machines and equipment must be handled with care. No dropping of weights or Dumb-bells on the floor.
    No banging of weights on the machines. (Exercising makes no noise) Report any noisy machines.

  9. First in the Gym decides on Aircon Temp. (20-26 ºC).
    Last out switches off Aircon. Lights are automatic (off after 22h00).

  10. Please listen to music through your head phones so others can enjoy their own music too.