Pool Rules & Regulations

No lifeguards are on duty. Swim at your own risk. Children must be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times. Anyone who cannot swim may not enter the pool area alone.


Shambhala pool area and some adjoining areas are private property.

The pool is available to guests of Shambhala beach bar and guests of associated properties.


Please always shower before using the pool. Swimming is only permitted with proper swimming wear. No swimming in clothes or under garments.


The shallow section of the pool is 1.3 m deep. No diving. The deep section is 1.5 m deep. Do not enter the deep section if you cannot swim. No running on the overflow edge of the pool.


No large water toys allowed in the pool. No ball games allowed inside the pool.


Families with kids are welcome, so are people wishing to relax. Families are therefore requested to ensure that their kids do not exclusively "entertain" the entire pool area. 

Adults relaxing should likewise not "over-relax" resulting in their exclusive "entertainment" of the entire pool area.


No food or drink from outside may be brought into the pool area. If any glass breaks in or near the pool, please inform the bar staff immediately. 


Please do not reserve sun loungers for lengthy periods of time if you are not using them. 


Please respect the privacy of private villas to the north and south of the pool area.


It is absolutely compulsory for anyone visiting Shambhala beach bar and its pool to enjoy themselves and have a great time. 


Sunsets are planned daily, can however not be guaranteed.