Weddings @ Shambhala

Shambhala typically hosts Beach Weddings starting at around 16h00-17h00 (or any other time you may choose). Mostly this starts with a ceremony at the beach under a decorated Gazebo with chairs. Alternately the Ceremony can take place on the grass area next to the Shambhala pool. The following Sunset Photo session typically lasts until about sunset (17h45-18h15 depending on time of year).

While the couple often stay on the beach for Sunset pictures, guests make their way to Shambhala bar for the welcome drink (usually a refreshing frozen cocktail [a) below] and a cocktail reception which can include other cocktails, mixed drinks, wine and beer or sparkling wine. This is usually accompanied by canapés or other finger foods and snacks as required.

Typically food is served buffet style and often includes Western food, Thai food and or  a BBQ depending on taste and budget. Anything from a simple Salad buffet to an extensive Starter buffet can serve as a an appetizer to the buffet.

A selection of desserts are available complemented by wedding cakes in different shapes, sizes and tastes as desired.

The flow for the rest of the evening is usually defined by the Bride and Groom and can include entertainment, fireworks, the couples first dance, speeches, dancing, games, cake cutting and any other activity as requested.

For all decorations of the ceremony, flowers and other aspects we work together with a local wedding planner partner.

For planning and budgeting, the following points  a) - k)  should be considered and decided point by point:

a) Cocktail Reception 

Typically we provide a cocktail reception directly after the ceremony usually a Frozen Daiquiri, Gimlet or Margarita of your choice, available in a multitude of flavors, served in a stylish cocktail glass  (most popular is Strawberry)

These are pre prepared and dispensed from an iced Daiquiri dispenser to ensure simultaneous serving of all guests. Typically 2 per Guest are calculated.

The cost is THB 95 per drink.

Alternately you can have Prosecco for this @ just under THB1500 per bottle  i.e. THB210/glass or any other Cocktail from the Shambhala cocktail menu.

Of course we can also serve Champagne if required, this is however a costly affair in Thailand.

We can also provide some canapés and / or small snacks with the cocktail reception (must be discussed and priced separately)



b) Basic Infrastructure


While Shambhala is a great outdoor venue we have plenty of covered space to be sure weather will not have a major impact on your event.

Ample Tables and Chairs as well a Buffet Equipment is always included in the catering.


Many different Entertainment options are available.

1. Sound System ( 2 x BOSE F1 1200W & 2x BOSE F1 Subwoofer 1200W) for own playlists and/or with Wedding DJ: THB 10000 (this is the base system required for music the whole night and/or intermediate music before, between and after others music performances if applicable) this also includes dance floor lighting.

(Sound system includes wireless Mic for speeches if required)


As for additional music we can also offer the following additional packages:


2. DJ Sax, Deep House and R&B DJ with live Saxophone, 3 x 1h sets THB 20000


3. Professional Club DJ 3 x 1h sets, starting from  THB 18000


4. Live Band (3-4 Musicians) 3 x 45min. sets approx. THB 25000


5. your own DJ or music performance




c) Other Entertainment


We can offer other entertainment throughout the evening if required:


1. Thai Dance Show THB 12000


2. Thai Travesti Cabaret Show THB 15000


3. Fire Show small THB 8000


4. Fire Show Large THB 12000


5. Fireworks THB 20000 - 40000


Let us know what you have in mind, we can do Yachts, Boats, Elephants, Monks and many other things.




d) Starter Buffet


The BBQ buffets include a selection of salads (to be discussed separately)

We can offer a wide variety of additional starters, buffet style if you wish such as smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, roast beef, spring rolls, live Thai food stations, Sushi & Sashimi stations ect. based on your preference (to be discussed and priced separately)



e) Dinner Buffet


We have a variety of buffet choices available ranging in price between THB 850 - 1850 per person (kids under 5 free, kids under 12, half price)

Buffets can include, Thai Food, Western Food, Pasta Station, Live BBQ and/or other live cooking stations. Buffets are usually accompanied by fried rice, fried vegetable, one or Thai dishes accompanied by steamed rice. Western foods accompanied by Pastas, Potatoes or Vegetables.


At the cheaper end, more chicken and pork and just a little seafood in the form of primarily fish is grilled.


The high end includes primarily top grade Beef and Pork Tenderloin (Fillet) and the very top in seafood such as Tiger Prawns, Rock Lobster, Crab, Snapper, Scallops and others, depending on season and availability.


The above also includes cut, fresh fruit (carved fruit as decor to be charged separately if required)


All of the above BBQ options are grilled on site on pure charcoal grills.



f) Dessert Buffet


We can supply a dessert buffet consisting of a choice of the following Shambhala signature desserts:

1. Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries & cream

2. Tiramisu

3. Bailey’s cream

These are THB 120 per portion

or one of each of the above for each guest (in a smaller format)

THB 180 per person



g) Wedding Cake


We can provide a Wedding cake and / or arrange for the cutting ceremony under the Tent as per your timing request.

(price depending on size of cake)



h) Wine


We can provide a wine of your choice in the quantity of your choice

1) open house wine red & white served and billed by the glass

2) House wine Bottle red and white @ THB 930 / bottle

3) Another wine on stock @ Shambhala

4) Prosecco

4) We source a Wine of your description and in your quantity

5) You bring your own wine which we will chill, open and serve @ THB 300 corkage per bottle



i) Bar


There are several options on how to handle the bar.

1. All night free flow bar including Shambhala’s entire menu (billed to the Bride & Groom)


2. All night limited Selection of free flow drinks and cocktails to be discussed (billed to the Bride & Groom)


3. All night free flow of Beer and wine as well as house pour spirits and mixed drinks. Cocktail and premium spirits on individual tabs which guests pay themselves.


4. Restricted free flow drinks. Restricted by either time or budget cut off.


5. Each guest has their own tab and pays for themselves at the end of the night.


j) Ceremony

The Ceremony is typical the exchange of vows and/or Rings at the beach. This is usually conducted by a master of ceremony. A Gazebo at the beach with a range of different decoration options and flowers serves as the venue. For this we typically work together with our resident wedding planners.

Other ceremonies are available upon request.



k) Decorations and Flowers


For decorations and flowers we work together with a local Wedding planner. They can provide a host of other services around a wedding also.

Please let us know a theme, or guideline / color scheme for the wedding or clear ideas of what you have in mind or we will ut you in direct contact with the wedding planners.


Decorations typically include:


Brides and Grooms Flowers


Ceremony Gazebo Decorations


Table Decorations


Buffet Decorations


Venue Decorations


Mood lighting over and on tables